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Healthy Benefits of Silk

A natural choice, of healthy and quality rest for the whole family. Silk is a natural, not synthetic product, therefore much healthier than any other product. Because of the natural silk protein, an inhospitable environment for dust mites is created repelling all the dust, producing a healthy sleeping environment. Besides the softness of the Silk is incomparable to anything that has ever touched our skin, what provides comfort rest. Silk with its properties, adapts to the balance of our bodies in a natural way, being the best remedy for a deep and restful sleep.

Benefits of silk bedding for allergy sufferers.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. The chemical structure of the silk is very similar to human skin, avoiding any allergies. No irritations, no dry skin or sensitive skin, are the results of using silk.

Benefits for skin, hair and joints.

Silk is a natural product that retains moisture helping the skin to prevent dehydration. After the application of night facial creams, the silk does not absorb the cream, helping it to have a better result. Silk helps the hair by not absorbing the natural moisture of the hair and can help preventing the weakness. When Silk Bedding touches our body makes a total adaption, without any pressure point in us, it provides movement facilities and a natural rest increase of the body.

Silk bedding to prevent excess heat.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator and maintains the body temperature during the rest, making it different from other fibers. Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity, keeps the heat in winter and dissipates it at summer. Silk Duvets are made by layers that help the body to hold the natural heat giving a better rest.

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