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In AltaSeda we manufacture and market Nordics, pillows and toppers Natural Silk Filled for better relaxation and wellbeing of our customers. The Sleep Quality is our priority and therefore our products are handmade with the best raw materials offered by nature: The Silk.

Discover the benefits of Silk for your welfare and that of your family in the hands of our Nordic-filled Natural Silk and exterior finishes Cotton or Bamboo 100%, children Nordics filled with natural Silk and foreign cotton satin 100% , our pillows filled with silk and exterior finish in 100% Cotton, or our Toppers Natural Silk filled and outer finish 100% cotton.

Aware of the need to achieve maximum comfort for our customers, our products are made to present very specific characteristics:

  • Shine and texture.

  • High strength and fineness of the thread.

  • Good elasticity and crispness.

  • Long duration.

  • Insulating power of natural body heat.

  • High water absorption capacity.

  • Resistant to mites.

  • Dust repellent.

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